My Top 5

1. I would like to finish college and go to America.

2. I would like to travel around the world. I would like  to visit the island of Bora Bora, Australia, Spain and other countries.

3. I would like to have a job of my dreams like to become an astronomer.

4. I would like to live in a beautiful house with my family.

5. I would like to grow old with my husband and my children to succeed in life.

By: Jelica


My top five!

Well, here’s my top five ‘dreams’ that I’d like to come true. (:

1. Once I finish High School, I’d like to attend the philology or perhaps the sport universities.

2. To find a good job which pays a solid salary. For example, I’d like to be a PE professor if I finish the sports university, or a professor of english studies, if I finish the philology.

3. I’d like to find a girl which I’ll marry and have two kids, boy and a girl.

4. I’d like to live in a modern medium sized house and have a solid family car.

5.  And the last but not the least important, I’d like to travel troughout the world and perhaps write a book one day.

There, those are my dreams or goals that I am aiming to accomplish trough out my life.

– Marko.

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Our theatre

Our school has a theatre and actors are our friends.

The last performance was really spectacular.

Let’s see the pictures !

Eight Class says “Hello”

Eight Class says hello from Serbia, Smederevo City. We are students of Smederevo Technical High School, Recycling Technicians.

We created this blog, along with other classes and one of our Professors, as a mentor, with a single goal, to meet other ambitious students from various countries scattered around the world, learn about their countries, traditions and cultures. We hope you’ll enjoy reading our posts. Have fun!

Here’s one of Albert Einstein’s quotations, which we use as our motto:

“Do not worry about your difficulties in mathematics or chemistry, we can assure you our are still greater”.

See you all! (: