My top five

All of us have some dreams. These are my top dreams:

1. As I play guitar, I would like to made a sucess with my rock band, be famous, make some good music and perform in front of huge crowds all over the world. Something similar to Metallica, Led Zeppelin…  I know that it takes a lot of practise and work, but when u’re supported from all sides, and have the will, everything is easier.

2. Maybe the most important dream of mine is to graduate from high school with good grades, finish the college and start working as a software engineer, or some computer related occupations.

3. I would like to travel all over the world, see all the interesting and amazing places and meet people with other culture and nationality.

4.  Since I started to watch Formula One when I was really little, my wish was to become a Formula One Driver one day.  It’s because I like high speeds and I like to race against other people. Through time, this sport fascinated me more and more, so now I know about it almost everything you can imagine. My favourite driver is Fernando Alonso. His skills and persistence are amazing, but he isn’t lucky to be in the right team at the right time.

5. My parents always told me the family is the most important thing in your life. So, I would like to marry a beautiful woman, love her, and have 3 children with her. We would live in a nice house somewhere in Serbia.

Live your life with a goal, because if you dont have something that you aim it will be really difficult for you to suceed in life.