End of the School Year

Technical School from  Smederevo, Serbia  is soon ending this school year on June 14.

Students from school sends you a lot of greetings, and wishes you good vacation!

See you next year!

There is also a little presentation from our school.


Challenge 5 – Let’s get data

This week’s subject area is Mathematics. A detailed explanation on THIS LINK.

Please answer the question:

Here are two funny video (in Serbian) about mathematics.

Multiplication tables (clip from the film Go Further)

Exercise in Mathematics (father does not know how to answer the question and then said that the task can not be done, because the solution is a misprint)

Blog Action Day – 15th October!

In 2012, Blog Action Day will be held on October 15. This year our theme is the Power of WeYou can find out more about the theme and why we selected it on our blog.

Follow our blog’s updates as we participate among many other! 😀

Our theatre

Our school has a theatre and actors are our friends.

The last performance was really spectacular.

Let’s see the pictures !

Postcards from Smederevo

Students’ work in Power Point (RANDJELOVIC NIKOLA III 16 – Road traffic technician)

Click on the link Postcards from Smederevo