Challenge 8 – freedom again

So what is your passion for this week?

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Challenge 7 – the sciences

Most students nowadays are very scientific even if they don’t realise it.

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Challenge 6 – More choices: Challenge Yourself to Blog

This week is another free choice – catch up on earlier posts or write one of your own.

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The Power of We – Blog Action Day

Life meaning classroom – A tradition long 25 years


The Technical school drama club in Smederevo (renamed to: Technical school youth Theater) has a long tradition. Although it was established in early 1980’s, all the data from the presented shows and work from 1987 are preserved. The 70th anniversary of the Salonika front breakthrough was marked by the students show with Dejan Tončić in the role of Major Gavrilovic. A few years later he graduated at the Theater Academy. He is a permanent member of the Kruševac theater and acts in movies and TV shows.

The play “Banović Strahinja” was performed in 1993.  In 1996. at the competition held in the Cultural center of Smederevo, their program was declared as the best. It’s enough to say that then 30 pupils  spent their whole winter holiday in a cold and poorly equipped classroom at rehearsals, to realize how much enthusiasm and love for the theater existed among the students of mechanical, electrical and traffic engineering-related professions, from which it might not be expected.

In the last few years the students have taken a lot more participation, both in the selection of texts they have been working on, as in choice of the music, design and directing the scenography, but also in promoting their work and improving the conditions of their work. At 2011. The Drama club of the Technical school changes its name to “The Youth Theater of Technical School.” It starts to perform at many festivals and other towns in Serbia. In 2011. when they performed the play „Koštana“ in Vranje, they received very positive reviews. In 2012, they took part in the celebration of Kruševac High school days. The play „Nušiću, s’ ljubavlju“, which they performed in the Kruševac theater in front of professional actors, showed all their qualities in the best light. The objectives of the theater are to bring the students of the Technical high school closer to the theater and acting and thus contribute to the enhancement of the cultural life in Smederevo, but also to create a real theater company that will be there for many years, with new and old generations.

The festival Smederevo Autumn 2012 and of course our theater  

Performances at the theater (“Koštana” and “Nušiću, s’ ljubavlju” ) and something more…

Koštana is a popular play, written by Borisav Stanković. It is set in Stanković’s native Vranje, a town in southern Serbia. It features  many themes of Serbian folklore and patriarchal customs which were still present in the late nineteenth century.

Nušiću, s ljubavlju: Branislav Nušić‘s plays A Suspicious Character (Sumnjivo lice) and Cabinet Minister’s Wife (Gospođa ministarka)

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Within the project „Mladi su zakon“ („The youth is the law“) from the Ministry of Youth and Sports and Youth Resource Center JAZAS Pozarevac, the Youth Theater received significant funding for the project “Life meaning classroom“. The students arranged the classroom day to day. They made costume shelves, painted the room, drew the logo of the theater over one wall, and most importantly, during the works at the same time they prepared the play „Koštana“ for the citizens.  The show was played as part of the festival “Smederevo autumn”, and was for charity. As we all know, the theatre „Bora Stankovič“ from Vranje was destroyed in a fire so the show was performed to provide financial aid for the theater.

The theater has a Facebook profil and that you should have in your friends.

On the video below you can see how  much effort has been put together and how they changed the look of the classroom, and at Friday evening, 12.10.2012. was the opening ceremony.

Ucionica koja zivot znaci from Milos Jaksic on Vimeo.

The citizens of Smederevo are very proud of the theater which, they say, is in the range of professional theaters. Although this seems like a fairly simple story, it’s anything but that. These are ordinary high school students with unusual ideas, which through their daily pleasure build their micro environment, the environment that greatly encourages thinking and promotes the idea that you can be and work exactly what you want.

Congratulations to the students and teachers with free spirit around the world who have the will and desire to somehow stimulate especially gifted students. Their smiling faces on the pictures speak more than thousand words, and this is what represents our strength and changes the world.

“Be the change that you want to see in the world”

Time for a break and visiting other blogs

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There is one activity where tomorrow (15.10.2012.) we would be taking part – Blog Action Day (the theme is “Power of We“). So far 1829 blogs from 110 countries, using 43 different languages, have registered. View the LIST of PARTICIPANTS.

Challenge 5 – Let’s get data

This week’s subject area is Mathematics. A detailed explanation on THIS LINK.

Please answer the question:

Here are two funny video (in Serbian) about mathematics.

Multiplication tables (clip from the film Go Further)

Exercise in Mathematics (father does not know how to answer the question and then said that the task can not be done, because the solution is a misprint)